Rain Gauge

A rain gauge is an electronic device wherein the tip of the instrument closes an electrical switch, triggering a nearby autographic recorder to record its tilts. The data collected by this device provide a relatively continuous record of rainfall. In addition to calculating precipitation totals, rain gauges record rainfall intensity. A rain gauge must be installed in a representative location, which can be difficult because many precipitation events are highly aggregated.

Standard United States National Weather Service rain gauge

rain gaugeA Standard United States National Weather Service rain gauge consists of a graduated cylinder of 2.525 inches and an 8-inch funnel. The graduated cylinder fits inside the larger container, 8 inches wide by 20 inches (508 mm) tall. To measure rain, rainwater must overflow the smaller graduated cylinder and flow into the larger container. The height of water in the smaller cylinder is the total precipitation for a particular area.

The Standard Rain gauge is the documentation centre at NWS cooperative weather stations. It fixes elevation and spatial coordinates, which are critical for determining station elevation and azimuth. The standard rain gauge is the primary point for these calculations, but an 11-inch plastic gauge is an acceptable substitute. When the Standard Rain gauge is not available, a plastic 11-inch rain gauge is the next best thing. This smaller gauge is often mounted on a four-foot post. For the best rain gauge, check out instrumentchoice.com.au now.

Self-emptying WH5360B

The Self-emptying rain gauge WH53 60B is a wireless, weather-sensor-equipped device that measures rainfall with 0.1mm resolution, indoor temperature, humidity, etc. With an accurate wireless transmission range of 300 feet/100 meters, you can monitor rain conditions in your backyard, garden, farm, or land crop. In addition, you can easily set it up with the included wireless transmitter for an even farther range.

The WH5360B is a self-emptying rain gauge with a large overall capacity. This rain gauge is great for farmers who need to monitor rainfall for a long period of time. Because it features a dual tube design, this device has a large capacity and only requires periodic emptying and reading. In addition, it has a measuring inner tube that measures overflow in the outer tube, adding 1” measurements for accuracy.

This German-made rain gauge is made of UV-resistant plastic, and it measures rainfall up to 150mm. Unlike most rain gauges, it also has a bucket-like design that can be placed anywhere to get the most accurate measurement. This gauge also has customizable notification preferences, and it can even monitor your home with smart-home technology. This unit is a hybrid of the TFA and Outback Blue.


The AcuRite 00850A2 Easy-Read rain gauge is a weather station that attaches to a fence post or garden stake. It measures rain to the nearest 1/100 inch. The gauge is made of durable polycarbonate plastic and features a UV-Resistant coating. The Easy-Read rain gauge will serve its purpose, whether you want to keep an eye on the forecast or save water.

The large-print numbers on this rain gauge make it easy to read, even at a distance. The manufacturer claims that the numbers can be read up to 50 feet away. In addition, its bright colours add a bright atmosphere to your garden and appear highly visible even in poor weather. The EZ-Read Jumbo rain gauge is an ideal option for anyone who loves to keep tabs on the rain without leaving the comfort of their home.

The AcuRite rain gauge is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. It measures rainfall in inches or millimetres and can be set to sound an alarm when rain falls below a pre-determined level. You can also notify you of flood warnings if the rain gauge’s rain cup fills up. This rain gauge also updates its data every 16 seconds, so you can keep an eye on the rain and prepare for any potential flooding. For the best rain gauge, check out instrumentchoice.com.au now.

La Crosse

A La Crosse rain gauge is an affordable and reliable way to monitor rainfall outside. It has a capacity of five inches, is durable, and is available in various colour combinations. The 12-inch range gauge comes with a yard stake and brackets for versatile placement. A La Crosse rain gauge can be used for different purposes, including tabs on the temperature and rain totals. It is also able to track 24-hour rainfall, as well as the temperature indoors and outdoors.

A La Crosse Waterfall Rain Gauge is a unique rain measurement device inspired by a cascading waterfall. This rain gauge measures rainfall in the backyard with its vibrant red rain-level marker. The gauge mounts to a deck railing or fence. The rain-collection vessel is clear to view and comes with a mounting bracket. It measures the amount of rainfall in millimetres, with one inch of water that would fall on the ground. For the best rain gauge, check out instrumentchoice.com.au now.